MySQL Consulting: Customer Testimonials

"Founded in 2012, LeoVegas mobile casino has grown rapidly to become a major player in the online casino industry and this is in large part due to the proficiency of its technological solution providers. MySQL has played an important role in cost-effectively delivering the levels of performance and reliability that are expected from databases as large as our own. Furthermore, the company has enabled us to scale our business-model efficiently as we expand rapidly into new markets."
"The ability to really assess complex internals and deliver clarity to those making decisions on direction was first class. We could not and can not even come close to this internally."
"We were very impressed with the standard of consultancy we received, it far exceeded our expectations. We were very impressed with the consultants product knowledge, his honesty and his ability to understand our specific needs."
"MySQL Professional Services offers an exceptional value to organizations thinking about, or using MySQL products. By engaging MySQL Professional Services before we started our mission critical database infrastructure scalability and redundancy design, we were able make a few changes in our design that will provide better performance and scale out capability for the foreseeable future. We will definitely see a return on our investment in MySQL Professional Services."
"We were very pleased with our engagement and will be using your service more."
"The depth of knowledge of the MySQL techs is refreshing. They could answer even the most granular of questions I had about ways to speed up queries and the way they were executed."
"With the help of MySQL Professional Services, we achieved in 5 days what would have taken us over 30 days to do on our own."
"Money is really worth spending on the MySQL jumpstart service where you can learn practical tips to get your MySQL project going immediately in the right direction. The MySQL consultant was very knowledgeable and can recommend the best solution to meet your goal."
The Sound of Data
"We saw a performance increase of 500%. I don't think we could have ever managed that by ourselves."
Rackspace Managed Hosting
"Having MySQL Professional services is the only way forward for mission critical web application management."
"With just 4 days of MySQL consulting we have been able to gain a deeper understanding of the MySQL DB and the inner workings which is helping us to create an enterprise solution from MySQL."
Tri-Tech Internet Services
"My experience with MySQL Professional Services has been excellent, all my questions were answered, and all my concerns were addressed by the consultant. We were _very_ satisfied with the service and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for professional services from MySQL. Looking forward to the next MySQL engagements."
Hachette Filipacchi Media
"If you need a professional solution to your problems get MySQL Professional Services."
"We have had 2 very successful engagements. A great deal of knowledge was transferred, many improvements have been made as a result of these engagements. We will consider additional engagements."
Backstage Library Works
"Having MySQL come on site was great, because we were able to optimize our DB Server more quickly than we otherwise could have. In addition to that, several of our staff got hands-on training on systems that they need to know the most about."
"Money well spent, the MySQL consultant was extremely knowledgeable and professional during the engagement."
Hachette Filipacchi Media
"Saves time and makes the process easier to understand. MySQL consultants answered all my questions even the boring ones. They explain each process carefully and in layman terms so that everyone understands."
"MySQL dispatches high quality, motivated personnel that have intimate knowledge of how the MySQL database system works. We satisfied all of the objectives we had planned for, and the education we received during the visit was invaluable."
"That this was the first consulting engagement that, within the first day, provided tangible returns on our investment. Within an hour we were learning how to optimize our databases."
"Highly motivated people, lots of detailed knowledge."
"Very knowledgeable, super job!"
"The rep that visited us took his time in making sure we understood the values of each setting and how it could make a huge difference in performance."